This is the image descriptionTree trimming might seem easy at first glance. All you need are some tools and a ladder, right? Perhaps not. And what about removing a tree that is dying or was severely damaged by the latest storm? You think, “We can probably do the tree cutting ourselves.” Wait. We have a practical, stress-free solution for you. The experts at Versatile Tree Company will save you the hassle (and any uncomfortable downtime) by doing the job right and letting you get on with projects you might really enjoy—like relaxing and enjoying your view of beautifully trimmed trees. It’s just not worth risking your own safety by tackling this on your own. It’s why we’re here for you.

Is tree trimming beneficial?

Trimming trees is a science. There’s a right way and a not-so-right way. If using the wrong approach, the tree can suffer. Because you value your trees and want them to remain healthy, you will want the best timing and methods for trimming your trees.

  • We trim trees to encourage healthy growth, improve air flow, and provide better balance and proportion.
  • We remove branches that are obstructing your view, reaching too far into a driveway or over a sidewalk, or growing too close to power lines.
  • We understand which branches to trim, how far to cut them back, and how much to trim in any one session.
  • We understand that certain seasons are better suited for trimming trees, depending on their species.
  • We are equipped with the training, protective gear, proper tools and trucks, and we dispose of all limbs, branches, and debris.
  • We have decades of education and experience in trimming, pruning and protecting your trees with long-lasting benefits.
  • We know how to protect your property while we’re working. Safety is a priority, and our experienced crews can handle these situations for you so you and your family are protected.


Is tree removal on the horizon?

Sadly, there are times in the life cycle when it’s best to remove a tree. Versatile Tree Company can handle Minneapolis tree removal expeditiously.

  • Storm damage
    When a storm hits your trees, the results can be unbelievable. We’ve worked with trees that have fallen on buildings and cars, or have fallen across streets, driveways and lawns. We’ve also seen them fall into ponds, common areas of an association or neighborhood, or onto utility lines.
  • A few cautions
    We have a deep respect for power lines and any other obstruction that might be cause for concern. When utility lines are involved, it’s best to call your power company. They will take care of it, efficiently and safely. For all other instances, we are ready to clean up the mess for you, safely and proficiently.
  • DIY
    Some do-it-yourself attempts have led to the local ER. The cause can be eye injuries, falls, injuries from equipment, serious reactions to bee stings, or taking a hit from the falling branch or tree. We can help you avoid any accidents that might ruin your day.
  • End of life cycle
    Sad as it is, there comes a time when a tree has reached its life expectancy and is dying or is creating a hazard with weak or dead branches. These can be dangerous situations. It’s advisable to take action rather than wait for it to fall and create a problem. We can handle that for you so you don’t have to worry. Again, we have the trained personnel, protective gear and equipment to get the job done safely.


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